NickJWhat if you could help this hard working student (shown on the right) to graduate, just by filling out a simple questionaire? It will take you just a few minutes (i’ve spent 8) to fill in his questionaire and I’m certain he’ll appreciate it a lot…

You can find the 30-question questionaire here:

The background story

Last april 28th I’ve visited a tech-talk at prowareness in Delft, where I met a really motivated student who’s doing his graduation project there. His name is Nick Jelsma. For his Thesis, he needs to collect data about Agile project-management and the software which is used therefore. To gather all the data, he formulated a questionaire of 30 easy to answer questions. The scope of his research needs to be quite broad, which means he’d preferably receives input from all users in an organisation who use this kind of software. This could be anyone, from the software developer all the way up to the CEO.

If you’d like to help him even further, you could give him the opportunity to let him interview you, like I did. At the time of writing, the interview is in the process of being planned, and I’m sure it’ll all go smoothly. Nick works at the prowareness office in Delft, though he can come to your location anywhere in the Netherlands, even a skype interview is possible.

So, if you’d like to help Nick graduate, please fill out his questionaire. If you’d like to give an interview, though you’d rather not do the questionaire, you can reach Nick at the email address

Without further ado, here is the link to the questionaire: