Welcome to the lion’s den,

First and foremost, I’m glad you’ve found the time and interest to open this page. It tells me you’d like to learn PHP or keep up your knowledge of PHP, and I’m honored to help you do that. On this page you’ll find links to different websites where you’ll find all kinds of PHP excercises. Some of them will be coded by yours truly, others I’ve curated from all over the internet. I hope these excercises will be a nice challenge for you and help you in your quest for knowledge.

I’ve heard many people say things like “The best way to learn something is to work with it” and “If you stop practicing, it will become more difficult to use it later on“, and I honestly think they’re right. This is one of the reasons I created this page and will keep updating it with new (increasingly difficult) excercises.

This leaves me with just one thing left to say: Happy training 🙂


Here you’ll find exercises which are primarily based on basic PHP knowledge


A little more elaborate examples will be posted here


More challenging exercises will be posted here