Although I’ve been working with Microsoft BizTalk on a daily basis for about 5 years now, I didn’t take the microsoft exam for BizTalk until last friday.
I’ve had the courses years ago, but I haven’t had the time ( I know it’s a lame excuse 🙂 ) to take the exam.

Last monday morning I convinced myself to take control into my own hands and schedule the exam in the same week. I needed to re-read some of the courseware because I don’t use all of the functionality BizTalk provides on a daily basis. So friday was my day of choice.

Friday at 1:00 PM the exam started and when I’ve answered the final question, after waiting a few seconds, I’ve got my exam score result.
I was really relieved and honestly a bit astonished when I read “Congratulations“….

Yes!!! I’ve passed the exam… so now I’m a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist ( if I’m not mistaken )…. And I’m proud of it..