Let me first tell you I’m no expert in SEO ( for those who don’t know the abbreviation, it stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization 🙂 ) but as it’s not that difficult to find a lot of information about it, I think I’m allowed to tell you what I think about it.

In my humble opinion, SEO is often explained as the whole of website optimization, linkbuilding and content optimization.
I myself think different, as I’m convinced the SEO ends with the O of optimization. Sure, if you want to achieve a high rank in search engine results, you need good incoming links and really good quality articles, but when people say thats SEO, it gives me the shivers. Where is the optimization in this 😉 ?

The best starting point of the optimization are the google guidelines. When you follow these guidelines you’ve already tackeled a big part of optimization. The next thing to do, although it’s not pure SEO based, is to optimize the user experience. Compress js / css files, decrease loading time, create cached copies to serve from dynamic pages ( blog like ) etc…

Well these are my 2 cents in a really oversaturated discussion about SEO, I’m trying to do these things on the job, and I fare well thereby, so it seems to work.