Honestly I like twitter, and I do think it’s usefull. But there is one thing I really don’t like…. twitter-bots.

As a developer myself, I like to automate as much things as possible to get things done. But when I automate things, I make sure they work like they should. I wish all developers who create automated twitter apps would do the same.

For instance, when I posted on my old blog that it’s content will move here, I’ve nearly instantly got followed by a company who sells rugs. Why? Because I’ve used the words ‘moving to‘ in my post ( which was automatically posted on my twitter account 😉 ). This is in my opionion an excellent example of ‘how it shouldn’t be done’. And as a result I’ve red-flagged this follower ( I hate email/twitter/etc -spam as much as anyone else ).

A nice tip for all developers that use written language as a trigger to do something: Please look at the context of the keywords you’ve found before doing something.